Educational Collaborators Catalog

Originally bid out as a service catalog, this project became much larger as EC's international technology reseller client expressed interest in using the site to manage contracts with school district clients.  Though not visible from the outside, this site allows clients to choose "engagements" (clusters of service items tied to performance categories, platforms and training audiences) to build contract proposals based on number of schools and enrollments. The proposals can be printed out entirely as PDFs, or navigated section-by-section.

Once contracted, the client scontinues use the site, participating in commenting streams below each service item and memo pages to reflect changes and additions, and keep a record of resources shared and developed.  There is an elaborate system of contract management based on Drupal's Organic Groups system, where district central office staff can create and manage both district-wide contracts individual contracts for member schools, and EC staff can find and manage all contracts. 

I was able to complete most of the work myself, but streamlining some of the automation required custom development from a firm I selected as subcontractor for this project, based in Australia.  We used Asana as a project management system.  A reference letter from EC's CEO, Alex Inman, is attached.