Web Development Course

This hybrid course (online but with two on-site meetings) prepares students for: entry-level employment as a web developers, while offering a free web redesign clinic for local business, nonprofits and government agencies. Building an effective website requires many roles. "Full Stack" developers play roles throughout the web design process, and appreciate how everything works together.  

We frame the web development process in this course using the ADDIE model:

  1. Analysis: “discover” the requirements, agree on the “project scope,” and get hired.
  2. Design: create and combine graphic designs, “wireframe” diagrams, and site maps.
  3. Development: build a website that meets the client’s requirements and matches the design.  
  4. Implementation: when done, “launch” the site to start getting ROI (“Return On Investment”).
  5. Evaluation: use logs and site feedback date to work smarter next time and get more ROI for the client.